A fun family outing (Tampa Family and Children’s Photographer)

It was such a joy for me to be able to capture Tifphani, Jody, and Mikayla’s family portrait session.  Michaela is full of smiles and happiness and was delighted to be able to run around and PLAY (like most 19 month olds)!  Tifphani and I go way back- we were sorority sisters at the University of Florida together!  ZTA, ZTA, ZTA….oh the stories I could tell….but I will spare you!  ha!  Funny how life changes!  Here is a sneak peek at just a few of my faves! tampa-childrens-photographer-17 tampa-childrens-photographer-17b tampa-childrens-photographer-17a1 tampa-family-photographer And nothing like a fun game of ring around the rosey to get the fun rolling in (or the sweat..ha!) tampa-family-photographer1 I am so thrilled that I was able to capture these special moments for you V. Family!  Mikayla is too beautiful for words!

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2 thoughts on “A fun family outing (Tampa Family and Children’s Photographer)

  1. AHHH! Its Tifphani!! Wow! How times have changed- how did we get old enough for kids! Love #5 and the ring around the rosy! Great pics!!

  2. Incredible photos! Love the first and second one…those eyes!! Just think- a year from now you’ll probably be shooting all FOUR of them : )

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