Circle of Friends….Day 1

Day one of the Circle fo Friends trip is exciting, exhausting…wonderful!  (Read my last diary entry to learn more about the Wunsch Family Foundation and why Pete and I are on this trip..).  All of the kids, chaperones, nurses, and NFL players from around the US spend the day traveling to get to our final destination…Wausau, WI!  We have kids who come from Tampa Bay, Atlanta area, St. Louis, Chicago, Seattle, and all over Wisconsin, several of whom have never been away from home, flown before, or ever seen snow!  It is an incredible amount of trust that the parents put into us to allow us to take their children on this trip- and we are all so thankful.  Once we arrived in Green Bay and ate lunch at Kroll’s (a Green Bay icon!), we spent some time touring Lambeau Field and the locker rooms!

A boy after my heart- LOVE the hat, Robbie! 🙂

It makes me so happy that Pete volunteers with me!  He is awesome and the kids love him!  (usually because he is with the teen guys and they are always getting into trouble- and he is the ring leader!) The locker room was super cool!  The kids loved it.  Too bad Brett Favre’s locker is no longer here…

Stay tuned for more updates from sunny, chilly Wisconsin!

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