Portrait Critique from “How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids” class!

Last Wednesday I taught a class at Baby Bungalow on “How to Take Better Picture of Your Kids”, and it was a blast!  We had several excited moms who really were looking for tips on how to create better snapshots of their children.  I was honored to be able to teach the class!  The purpose of the class was not to turn the attendees into a pro, but to give them some skills to improve their own snapshots.  I gave a homework assignment….back like we were in school, but I got to play “teacher”!  ha!  I asked each attendee to e-mail me a few images applying some of the techniques that we had talked about after they went home and practiced- and I would post the images on my blog with open and honest critique and feedback.  So, here is Wendy’s work! babybungalow1 I like the feel and honesty of this image.  I like how you tried to “fill you frame” with subject, and how he is not smack-dab in the middle.  I might have also liked to have seen what it was that he was playing with in the sand; what it was that was captivating his attention so much!  As we talked about in class, direct overhead sun is usually not good- and it looks like it was a little overcast here- perfect! babybungalow31 I see what you were going for here…and like I said in class- it is better to capture the moment and not worry about the perfect lighting, composition, etc…leave that to the pros.  From a technical standpoint, keep in mind what I said about “outliers” or things growing out of the subject’s head….like that poll right behind your son.    It appears to be a very bright, sunny day so he has a big blob of sun on one side of his face, and alot of shade on the other.  I can appreciate how you were just letting him play and not trying to direct the image by forcing a “cheese” face!  ha! babybungalow22 What a sweet snapshot!  Again, I love how you filled your frame and how he is not right in the middle.  The clarity is a little soft, so I am wondering if either A. you were too close to him for what your lens could handle or B. your shutter speed was too slow.  Also, it is a little underexposed (dark), but it seems that you were trying to avoid using your flash….props for that!  I do like how we can see some light in his eyes.  Good job on these, Wendy!  Keep shooting and you will find your skills improving all the time!  Thanks for sending these to me and allowing me to post them along with my feedback.

I was really honored to teach the class at Baby Bungalow.  It wa such a success that that we are going to try to keep it on the calendar on an on-going basis.  Check my blog or Baby Bungalow’s website for the list of classes, dates, and times.

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2 thoughts on “Portrait Critique from “How to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids” class!

  1. Picture 1: I understand what you mean about showing what he was playing with and of course, now I don’t remember.
    Picture 2: Mistake, wasn’t supposed to send that one…sorry! It was a VERY sunny day and I didn’t like any of the pictures from that day.
    Picture 3: I wish I would have had a little more light, he was actually laying in his new “tent” and I wanted to capture that he can settle down 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts on the pictures, I really appreciate it!

  2. Andi-
    I had just had a chance to read the rest of your blog….I love the idea of having a class to help parents take better pictures of their little ones. Is there a chance you will be teaching a class like this in the near future? I’m so sad I missed it…and would love to learn some tricks of the trade.

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