Haley and Alex (Tampa Chilren’s Photographer)

Meet Haley and Alex.  Truly two of the coolest siblings ever!  They just oozed with “cool”.  Haley completely rocked it out at her photo session, making every outfit look better than the previous- not a shy bone in her body!  Alex rocked it out, too!  Completely cool, confident, and collected.  While his sister was playing in front of my camera, he calmly sat, nose deep into his “Goosebumps” book (that took me back in time!  I did not know those were still “in”!   ha!)  Great meeting you H. family.  You both did a fantasic job!  I look forward to capturing future family moments. tampa-childrens-photographer1 tampa-childrens-photographer2 tampa-childrens-photographer3 All clothing for this session provided by Smarty Pants Kids’ Boutique.  I really wish they made clothes my size!!

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3 thoughts on “Haley and Alex (Tampa Chilren’s Photographer)

  1. WOW- those are GREAT pictures! Love them……….can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Ok, these two are just beautiful!!! There are so many beautiful pictures of them!! I just can’t wait to hang their pictures in the store!!! Thanks again Andi!! Your work is amazing!!

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