Our 10 Year Vow Renewal at Hammock Beach Resort

Ten years ago, on the rainiest day that Tampa has ever seen, I married my best friend.  OK, so maybe it was not THE rainiest day- but to this bride it sure seemed that way.  It was rainy enough to have our outside wedding moved to inside.  Besides vowing marriage that day to the love of my life, I vowed that in ten years we would celebrate our vows with a renewal- and hopefully outside.  We decided to have our vow renewal at a place that has become “our place”, the place we vacation every summer with some of our best friends and their families- Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast.  We are blessed with such an amazing group of friends, that all of the details for our events came together in a spectacular way, all captured by one of my best friends from college, Kelly, of Pure Sugar Studios.  (Kelly’s wedding was the first wedding I ever photographed several years ago when I was just a “newbie”.  Needless to say, I think I got the better end of this deal!  ha!)  After photographing so many weddings myself, I knew there was so much that I could do with my details and decor to make it beautiful and unique.  I chose a lemon and lavender theme, and used a ton of DIY elements.  (more on this in another post where I will show how we created our centerpieces and what we did to save money).  Of course, as this production started to grow and expand, Pete wondered why we could not have just gone to Bern’s for dinner.  HA- silly man! Special thanks to Mavilo, South Tampa’s finest jeweler for the stunning bridal necklace.  (Brides-to-be- make sure to check them out.  And guys- make sure to stop in if you are thinking of getting a FAB diamond engagement ring.  Ask for Mimi and tell them Andi Diamond Photography sent you.)  Thanks to our family and friends for supporting us and making our weekend wonderful- and for being such special parts of our lives.  Punky, I love you more and more each day.  Thanks you for being the best friend, partner, and father to our 2 amazing children.  I love you forever!  xo

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