Workshop Homework Critique 101

Thanks to everyone who has attended my recent workshops on “How to Take Better Pictures of Your Children”!  I love these and plan on having several more in the future (in fact, we have one Thursday night at Smarty Pants- registration is booked!  Keep your eyes peeled to my blog for info on my next workshop- and add yourself to my newsletter…I just got that cool new contact box up above, which I am super excited about!  It’s the little things in life that make me happy….but I digress….ha!)  Here are some images that Fe’ submitted for constructive feedback (doesn’t that sound so much nicer that constructive criticism?!) family-photography-in-tampa-3 I like how you captured the moment here, Fe’, and I love how you composed the image with Sienna looking “into” the frame.  And you know I adore the pensive look when children are not necessarily looking at the camera!  Of course, the background is very busy..but that tells the store of where you were and what was happening. family-photography-in-tampa-4 Again, I like the composition.  I might have pushed her a little more to the right of my frame.  I do not see any light in her eyes; there is a dark shadow covering the top part of her head and her eyes.  She has beautiful eyes, so I want to see the sparkle in them! family-photography-tampa-2 You are getting good with composition, and I like how Pierce is looking into the frame.  Remember what I said about that  flash!  Yuck!  Try to avoid it if possible- he looks very “flashy”  ha! family-photography-tampa-1 Rockin’ the composition- nice!  I like how you just went with the moment, and the light is very pretty- this is my fave.  I love all the lines in this frame.  The poll is growing out of his head just a tad, try moving yourself a bit next time!

Great job with your homework, Fe’!  Keep practicing- it takes alot of time and alot of shooting!  And thanks for turning in your homework for constructive feedback!

🙂 Andi

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One thought on “Workshop Homework Critique 101

  1. Thanks Andi!
    I really appreicate your help. I sent you pictures that I consider everyday shots. None of these pictures were over thought- however, I did use a lot of your tips. I want it to become like second nature when I take pictures.
    Now seeing the pictures again – I totally agree ( especially the ones with the shadows over the eyes and the flash picture). I’ll make sure next time to check for these things. Thanks again. 🙂

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