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Welcome to 2012, Andi- where Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and a plethora of other social media have taken over; and I cannot seem to keep up!   Today I became the newest member of Pinterest.  Hoot Hoot!  Who wants to follow me there?  Does anyone really care?  I can’t say I really “get it” yet, but I figured I would give it a whirl- after all…..the cool kids are all doing it, right?  So, I am up and running.  If you want to follow me, cool.  If not, no worries because I honestly don’t think I would know the difference anyway- ha!  My associate photographers, Kristin and Patrick, have teased me because I was not on yet.  Actually, Patrick says Pinterest is the girlie social media and he is more a fan of Instagram.  One thing at a time!  So for now, Pinterest it is!
Follow Me on Pinterest

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  1. So does the postponing of the cnnoevtion mean they will stay an extra day or just combine with others? Been reading some of their party platforms. I am blown away how archaic their party is. Seems like they want to take America back decades. The fact they want us to pay for tax breaks for their elitest friends is absurd.

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