ELEVATE Workshop in Tampa, FL!

Are you a professional photographer struggling to see positive sales margins?  Do you LOVE what you do but cannot seem to turn a profit?  Many photographers are passionate about their artwork but lack the business skills to make an actual profession out of their passion.  Let’s face it- if you are not paying your bills, then what you have is a hobby- not a career.  And no one wants to be a starving artist!  There is a comprehensive and honest strategy behind how and why you should price products and your time in a certain way.  Join Carrie Wildes and myself on August 14 from 10am-4pm at Datz Deli in South Tampa for our ELEVATE Workshop, where we will be teaching new and seasoned photographers how to elevate their lives by maximizing their business know-how. Click HERE to visit our website and HERE to register TODAY.  We guarantee to get you on the right track to a successful and profitable photography career- and help you gain a few hours of sleep at night!  🙂  Andi

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