Back From Imaging USA!

I am back from my conference in Phoenix- and full of ideas, inspiration, motivation, and excitement.  Professional conferences tend to do that to most people and Imaging USA was no exception!  I went with my friend Robin of Robin Highsmith Photography (her hubby set it up for her as a surprise Christmas gift…so sweet!)  The days were very long- we left our hotel before the sunrise and got back long after the sun had set.  We did not even realize our hotel was completely surrounded my mountains until our last day in the shuttle to the airport!  So sad!

Just wanted to share some snapshots with my faithful blog stalkers.  Excuse the poor quality- leave it to a photographer to put her point-n-shoot camera on the wrong settings! ha!  Gotta admit- I LOVE being in front of the camera- even if I am just being silly!  My best girlfriends have teased me about this since middle school!  Pull out a camera and I will strike a pose!

The trade show rocked!  I love all of my vendors- my lab, album company, canvas company, etc.  And they were all there (along with 6,000 other photographers and 600 vendors!)  So we had to grab some shots in their booths!  One of the biggest treats was seeing Anne Geddes speak- what an increditble artist! I did miss Pete and Ethan so much- so when I walked into my lab’s booth and saw that they were using an image of MY BABY in their display, my heart melted!  MELTED!  I have to give credit where credit it due.  This image was captured by my photographer who I LOVE during our last family session.  (Yes- even professional photographers use other professional photographers for their family sessions.  It is an investment that is well worth it for everyone who apprecaites photography as art…but that is another diary entry!  ha!  Thanks Alycia of Alycia Alvarez Photography for your beautiful work and constant words of wisdom…and for submitting this image of Ethan- it made my day!) And last but not least- we had to cut loose on the last night at the closing party.  So fun!  (Are you diggin’ those red eyes?!  Nice!)  We met some great new friends, including Gregg Martin of Gregg Martin Photography in South Carolina (Go Gators…sorry Gregg!), and danced until they kicked us out.  We missed the light rail and took a scary taxi from 1981 back to the hotel.  But as always, there is no place like home!  (but what is with this cold weather?  burrr!!)

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