Orange and Blue….let’s Go GATORS!  And they sure did!  WOW!  What an amazing game!  I was nervous enough to be one of the players!  Pete lost his voice.  We were both in and out of our seats all night with excitement, anxiety, and happiness!  We had such a fun day/night!  My sister and brother-in-law organized a charter bus for about 40 of us.  We met at Hard Rock and caravaned to the game for an all day tail gate!  It was like Mardi Gras!  (By the way, my sister-in-law owns and operates a great online store with adorable Gator accessories!  Check it out at the Pink Gator.)  I had a really good feeling about the outcome of the game- and a couple of events helped that feeling.  Besides that fact that the Gators have the strongest team in the nation and Tebow:

1.  I found a $10 bill as soon as I walked in the stadium.  I picked it up and told Pete, this is a lucky $10 bill…I can feel it.  We are going to WIN by 10 points..I just know it!  Sure enough…..we did!  (Though I have to admit, I did get nervous a few times!)  I actually almost spent it when I when to go buy a $10 hamburger and a water, but decided to break a $20 instead.  Thank goodness!  (So technically 1/1,000,000 of that trophy is beacuse of me! ha!)

2.  The curse of the Heisman.  It seems as though whoever wins the Heisman, loses his bowl game (except for Danny Wuerfell!)  Sorry Sam Bradford…go ahead and hand over the trophy.  You know why….

3.  We scored first.  One of my best friends, Kelly Hite of Pure Sugar Studios, and I have this theory.  (And we have had this theory since before we went to our first national championship game together in New Orleans over 10 years ago!)  Which ever team scores first, wins.  Simple.  And 50% of the time it is correct! ha!  Actually it is more like 90%.  Realy, it’s true!  So after that first TD, I knew we were golden!   As the old saying goes……IT’s GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR!

So now I am home, only to run off again today. This time to Phoenix, Arizona.  I will be at Imaging USA, the Professional Photographers of America’s national conference until Thursday.  If you need me, I can be reached via cell and will probably have limited e-mail access.  Thanks for reading my diary.  I will post more pictures when I get home and am not running around like a headless chicken (which I do quite well!)

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