Portrait Session Make Up Tips

One of the key elements in creating beautiful portraits is looking and feeling your best, which includes the proper make-up.  (I am lucky most mornings to even get my make-up on between going to the gym, packing my son’s lunch for school, taking care of our infant, and getting into the studio before 9am.  Needless to say….it ain’t pretty!)  But alas, as I woman I know make-up helps to hide those dark circles, brighten my smile, and make me look a bit more refreshed.  I LOVE me some pretty make-up!  It is especially critical for portraits!  In her excitement for her Tampa maternity portraits, Courtney has been really preparing in order to make her session FAB, and found this website from Merle Norman on make-up “how-to” tips.  I wanted to share it as it gives some great pointers on making getting your make-up “picture perfect”!  Here is a quick look at the site. Once on their website, all you have to do it click on each color scheme and it shows you how to apply your eye shadows for daytime, girl’s night out, or a smokey eye look.  Check it out HERE.  Courtney said, “They do a free “Express Makeover”, too.  They will put on your makeup give you tips and tricks and as long as you make a small purchase they don’t charge you for it.”  Thanks Courtney for sharing this with us!  Can’s wait for your maternity session soon!  I am sure your make-up will be AMAZING!

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