The Power of a Boudoir Photoshoot

I have been shooting boudoir portrait sessions for over a decade, and many women come to me on the day of our session with nerves, butterflies, insecurities, etc. The women who come to me are looking to celebrate their bodies after a life-changing event, like divorce, weight loss, a new relationship, or even to spice things up with their current romantic partner. Or even just to have photos for yourself (which I LOVE!) 

Let me tell you this – ALL bodies are BEAUTIFUL. But for so long, brands have marketed to half the population (us women) that no matter what we do, our bodies are never good enough. We’ve heard things like, “Lose those 10 pounds before swimsuit season.” Or our butts and boobs aren’t big enough. Our stomach isn’t flat enough. We have gained weight since our pre-pubescent days. We have stretch marks and scars. We have wrinkles.

F**k Your Flaws

All these perceived “flaws” are proof of life: the joyful times, the darkest times we fought tooth and nail to overcome, and everything in between. And that is something to be celebrated.

One of my most recent clients, “April” (names are changed to keep anonymity), is a STUNNING mama, grandma (though you’d never guess that), and a cancer survivor warrior. She has the most incredibly joyful spirit and a thousand-watt smile that will light up any room. And do you know what April said to me when she arrived for hair and makeup?

“I’m going to be sick.” 

After a pep talk, some glam, and a glass of wine, April was rocking it!

“I am a cancer survivor, pancreatic cancer; I have a scar across my chest,” April says. “I welcome it. You can’t let little things that happen to everybody, scars happen, farts happen, wounds – you can’t pick it apart. Just go with it and live your best life. And it was fun!”

From Fear to Fun

We all have wounds. There are physical scars and emotional scars. And we don’t need to hide it. A boudoir portrait session will be the best, most empowering therapy session you could ask for.

“If you’re thinking about doing it, don’t wait,” April says. “Don’t lose weight. Don’t get a tan. Don’t get extensions. Don’t do any of that stuff. Just come as you are, and they’ll make you feel pretty.”

In fact, both of us were laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces and could hardly catch our breath. I was demonstrating a more intricate pose on the bed that led to some bloopers. If you’re in my ADP Diamond Girls Facebook group, you can watch the video there. I’m sure it’ll make you smile. And if you’re not in the group (and you’re a woman), you can join here. It’s an incredible group of women supporting women (plus, we’re keeping things spicy and fun!)

Come As You Are

Listen, I get that it can take a while to warm up to the idea of taking photos in lingerie. I hope my images speak for themselves (and, of course, not everyone wants me to share their boudoir photos publicly.) But I’ve got the best camera lens, incredible lighting, and gorgeous backdrops, and I am here to guide you on flattering outfits, poses, and hair and makeup.

April shares, “Andi makes it so easy, so simple. She’s got the music, the drinks, the fun. She makes it really comfortable. She just has that personality. It was just a laughter process throughout the whole thing. I probably would like to do it again! And again and again! So maybe like a yearly thing or something!”

She came in with some nerves, relaxed with some glam and a glass of wine, and had the time of her life while feeling bold, sexy, and empowered.

“It was the best experience ever,” she says. And if you haven’t done it… DO IT!”

Life is short. Let’s celebrate our bodies and all they’ve been through. And let’s make it a dance party while we’re at it!

Want to learn more? Schedule a 10-minute phone consultation with me. 

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