Boudoir is about who you are NOW

A little Monday reminder for you….

EVERY body is a GOOD body! I know we live in a culture that is constantly promoting and pushing ideals.. and I also know so many of you have goals and put in hard work to achieve those goals for how you want to look and feel. Remember, the grass is greener where you water it.. meaning if you take care and LOVE the body you have right in this given moment, you will flourish. Unconditional love is meant for yourself as well. It’s amazing what can be accomplished once that barrier is crossed- going from loathing and wanting different.. to accepting and loving what is.. it’s incredible how much more enjoyable, and in ways easier, the journey will be- just with that shift of mindset. 

Embrace who you are in this very moment and reward yourself with an empowering boudoir session.
What negative thoughts about yourself do you need to let go of today in order for you to love yourself more?

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