Heartwarming Words from Boudoir Client

Often times my job allows me the opportunity to hear the most inspiring stories that remind me of why I do what I do. With her permission, I wanted to share the heart warming words my recent clients shared with me leading up to her boudoir session. Her words truly touched me and I’m sure many of you can relate. To G: I hope your session today was everything you wanted it to be!

“Hi Andi,

I am so excited for today!

I have been meaning to email you since our pre-consultation. The whole drive home I started contemplating my story, and have continued to process this with each step in preparation I have taken for today, and how it has lead me to this moment.

When I think of my story, I think of all the experiences combined that have brought me to you. Struggling with Anorexia, which many young girls do, as it takes different forms throughout life – especially during the darkest times (saving my ex-husband in 9 suicide attempts, trapped in marriage filled with emotional abuse and physical intimidation, and continued abuse for an additional 3 years after we divorced). I was able to live through it and be my own tower of strength (in additional to having my family and so many girlfriends supporting me).

Our girlfriends are vital to living the best life we can lead. And through one of my most amazing girlfriends, Jennifer Lind, I found you. Both she and I continue to advocate and encourage our friends (personal and professional) to join your empowering group.

Because of what I have endured throughout my life, personally being in the trenches of mental health and domestic violence, I have even more so dedicated my life to helping others – especially teenage girls, women, and couples.

Most women struggle with seeing our beauty. And it’s quite fascinating and humbling to see yourself for someone else’s point of view – it can be what you hope people see in you and also totally different from the way you view yourself. 

Now I’m in a relationship with my mancrush and embracing the joy of being with him, loved by both our families, along with the explosion of emotional support in our healthcare world for our happiness … it’s a lovefest everyday of people sharing joy, wishes of happiness, and support for me in my journey individually as well as with him.

Our photo session today is that next step for me, personally, as well as the next step in my relationship with the infamous mancrush.

Cya soon!! Xoxoxoxo”

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