Beyond Lingerie, What to Wear for Stunning Portraits

Boudoir photography is an art form that captures the essence of sensuality and self-expression. While lingerie is a classic choice, there are numerous other options to enhance your boudoir portrait session. Andi Diamond Photography believes in celebrating individuality and making every client feel comfortable and empowered. Below, we’ll explore alternatives to lingerie that will still result in stunning, timeless portraits.

One For the Team: Don a Favorite Jersey 

Whether it’s your partner’s college or favorite pro team, or a team that’s special to you, there are so many options for that girl-next-door look. Crop top jerseys, oversized and off-the-shoulder tops, or varsity jackets with little or nothing underneath are great options. Pair with some sporty knee-high socks and boy shorts and you’ve got a fun and flirty look. 

Cozy Sweaters and Over-sized Knits: Embrace Comfort and Style

Contrary to the misconception that boudoir is all about sultriness, cozy sweaters and over-sized knits can bring warmth and intimacy to your photos. This option allows you to showcase vulnerability and softness, creating a captivating contrast that adds depth to your portraits. Choose textures and colors that resonate with your personality for a personal touch.

Sheer Fabrics: Subtle Seduction

If you want to maintain an air of mystery while revealing glimpses of your silhouette, sheer fabrics can be the perfect choice. Delicate lace robes, chiffon wraps, or tulle overlays add an ethereal quality to your images, creating an intimate atmosphere without fully baring it all. Sheer fabrics provide a balance between sensuality and sophistication.

Personalized Accessories: Tell Your Story

Incorporating personalized accessories can make your boudoir portraits uniquely yours. Whether it’s a favorite piece of jewelry, a sentimental item, or a cherished accessory, these additions can tell a story and make your photos more meaningful. They become conversation starters, adding layers of personality to your images.

Casual Chic: Effortless Elegance

For a laid-back yet stylish look, consider casual chic outfits. High-waisted jeans paired with a delicate bralette, an oversized button-down shirt, or a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater can exude effortless elegance. We like to call this the “Cindy Crawford” look – the classic girl-next-door. This option allows you to showcase your style in a more relaxed setting while still capturing the essence of your natural beauty.

Andi Diamond Photography encourages clients to explore diverse wardrobe options beyond lingerie for their boudoir sessions. By embracing statement dresses, cozy knits, sheer fabrics, personalized accessories, and casual chic outfits, you can create a collection of portraits that authentically reflect your personality and style. Remember, the key is to feel confident and empowered, and whatever you choose to wear, your boudoir session will capture the unique essence of you.

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