A Loving Family Portrait Photo Session in Tampa

When you hear the words “family photos”, what comes to mind? If it’s you and your family lined up in matching clothes as you present fake smiles for the camera, turn right around, as that’s the last thing you will experience here at Andi Diamond Photography, a family photographer in Tampa.


In fact, we take pride in capturing your happy memories as you enjoy the company of one another, by just being your natural and beautiful selves!


I have been photographing this lovely family of four since they were a family two! My first experience with them was when I captured their Tampa maternity photo session when the mom to-be was pregnant with their first son.


Prior to their photo session, the mother and I joked up how imperfectly imperfect their life was, and she wanted to capture that! So, we ventured off to the beach, where they waded through the water, embraced the stunning scenery, and enjoyed a day full of laughter, love, and smiles.


Her oldest son has autism, and this Tampa family photo session allowed them all to overcome the fears of life, as they could just breathe, and know that life is beautiful as long as you embrace the positives that it presents and enjoy the company of one another. I would love to share with you the kind words that this beautiful mother has expressed: “As a mom of a child with special needs, the thought of family photos conjures up images of situations similar to a root canal. Besides being completely intimidating, wondering what “unique” things your child will do this time, it’s usually just kind of a miserable experience trying to get THE picture. I wouldn’t blame anyone for just giving up the dream of that “we’re all smiling and looking at the camera in some beautiful location” perfect shot. In our world of autism, that just simply doesn’t happen…unless you know Andi Diamond of course! There are photographers and then there are artists, magicians and geniuses, and Andi just happens to be all three. She is able to somehow capture peaceful, loving, sweet moments among the chaos. She is creative and flexible, which are requirements with a special need’s family, as well as being exactly what your family needs to bring out your very best selves. If I were any family, but especially a special needs family, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try with Andi. Even when you think she hasn’t gotten anything useable to work with, she comes out with so many shots to choose from, you’ll have a hard time deciding which to not get.  I couldn’t possibly articulate just how appreciative I am to her every time we use her…words just wouldn’t do it justice. That dream shot you’ve got in your head CAN be a reality and all you have to do is call her. She’s pure talent and simply the very best!”.


Preserving your memories with a Tampa family photo session is the best way to pause time and capture the beauty of your family! If you are all set to have your own family photo session in Tampa, please contact us here at Andi Diamond Photography, a family photographer in Tampa.

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