Tampa Family Photography for Kristin

This year for Christmas I decided the best present to gift my mom would be a portrait session with her and my sister, and who better to capture it than Andi! This is something we haven’t done in YEARS..I mean, since I was 8 or so and my sister and I wore matching sweaters (see photo at bottom). FAIL! Hey, it was the 90’s. Now, being the young adult woman that I am, I know the most important thing in my life is family, especially my mom and my sister. My parents got divorced when I was just a baby so my mom raised my sister and I to be the strong and independent women we are today. I will cherish these images of us, and even more so that my sister is 7 months pregnant with her second baby (another boy, Cohen) so he got to be with us as well!

Of course, we have to be a little silly. Isn’t this the perfect portrait?

“Let’s all do that cute fake laugh..”

“Okay mom, that’s a little too much.”

(cough) Like I said, it’s been a long time. HA!

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