Little Miss Lila Bo…

I have had the opportunity to photograph little Miss Lila Bo several times now- but this is the first time with her family (they finally got brave…ha!), and what a treat!  It was actually my first time getting to meet her dad, who happens to be a GATOR!  I knew I would like this man immediately!  (And clearly Lila Bo has a fondness of her daddy..wouldn’t you say so??!!) I always love chatting with Donna- she really inspires me.  A PhD in child development, former swimmer, and now owns her own healthy chocolate company, Xocai! This gal is on the ball- oh- and beautiful!  (I know- but don’t hate her! ha!) It is an on-going joke at all of Lila Bo’s portrait sessions; Donna’s famous line, “Soften it, Lila Bo…soften it..”  Here is Lila being “soft”.  Love it! What an amazing family, truly amazing! And one last shot, take by Miss Lila Bo herself.  I see a possible future as a custom portrait photographer…well, maybe….ha! As always W. family, it is a pleasure!!

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