Oh that color!

I met Jen at the Junior League Holiday Gift Market when she walked into my booth.  As a photographer, I find myself constantly looking at light and color- and I knew this was a color I wanted to capture!  Many women may try to duplicate it- but they will never get the kind of amazing color that Jen, Kelyn, and Conner have (sorry Rob! ha!).  It is just beautiful!  I tend to lean towards black and white for images that I think have a very emotinal feel- but with colors like this?  It is a real toss up! I am so sure that this is how Kelyn and Conner always behave at home…sweet, kind, and loving to one another, right? ha! OK, so realistically when you are 7 and 9- it is probably more like this… And I have to put one more “teaser” up because I am in love with it…and because Jen got an A+ on her homework.  Yes, I give my clients homework.  It is designed to help them prepare for their ordering session- and Jen had it all done by the day after our session.  Impressive!  (OK, so she is a teacher.  I am sure that had something to do with it! ha!). 

Enjoy your “teasers” G. family and happy Thanksgiving!

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