One shoe on, one shoe off….

That’s what kind of morning it was for little Mr. Trimble.  He did not want both shoes on…or both shoes off! ha!  So one on and one off is a great compromise, right? (Yes- it was a great compromise considering our first several images also included the toothbrush and toothpaste that he was determined to hold onto all morning.  And you know my philosophy- just let them be kids..shoe on or off, with or without toothbrush!  OK, well, maybe his mommy did not want toothpaste in ALL of the pictures! haha!).  Big sis Kenzie was such a trooper/baby wrangler!  She is so sweet!  I have had at least a half a dozen sessions with this family (and with mommy being pregnant I am guessing there will be more)- and I love it each and every time!  I love forming relationships with my clients and watching their family grow!  Thanks Melissa and Robbie for everything!

🙂 A

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