He has a name! And it’s……

OLIVER! How sweet is that??!! You may remember Stephanie and Paul from their maternity session- where they were referring to their baby as Pizzano- because Stephanie craved Italian throughout her pregnancy!  Well, Pizzano no more- meet Oliver! I love newborn sessions.  Something about that sweet little wrinkly (is that a real word?) skin and pure innocence!  My newborn sessions do come with fair warning though… there is a 100% chance that you will get wet!  It is inevitable!  But it’s worth is to capture moments like these!  What  beautiful family!

A Daddy and his first born…there is nothing like it!  Paul just beemed over Oliver!

And a hysterical out-take!  I had to put this one in.  Too funny!   Not everything in a newborn session is peaches and cream (though I do try to make it as relazing and fun as possible!  I promise!)  .  It’s usually pretty warm, usually pretty long, usually pretty wet, usually a little loud, usually a little strange feeling or awkard (with positioning, posing, nursing/feeding every 20 minutes or so), and always absolutely AMAZING!  CONGRATS Stephanine and Paul.  Thanks for sharing this special time with me! On a side note, for my clients who are looking for a truly stunning way to display your artwork, consider a gallery wrapped canvas!  Your image is printed directly on a canvas, then stretched over a 1.5 inch (or 2.5 inch) wooden frame, eliminating the need for a traditional frame.  It is really beautiful and timeless!  And, it is completely custom- so any size can be created- from 6×6 to 40×100, and everything inbetween!  I am getting the image below for my studio right now!  I LOVE it!

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