Circle of Friends….Day 2

The weather did not participate with us today like we had hoped.  We were supposed to go tubing but due to the rainy slush the course was too “fast” and dangerous.  So, we spent the day at the hotel- which reminds me of the Wilderness Lodge at Disney!  It has this amazing waterpark inside that the kids went crazy over!  My laptop started to croak on me so I only was able to get a couple images edited from today- hopefully tomorrow it will cut me some slack and I will post some more!  If not, I promise to do it when I get home to my MAC!  But in the mean time, here is a sneak peak!

One thing that we do on the trip every year is make a heart ornament for the COF tree- all new kids and counselors.  Every year, the ornaments of the kids who have passed away get moved up to the top of the tree.  I find myself looking at the tree every year holding my breath in the hopes that none of my campers from years previous have died.  While that is very emotional, what is exciting is to see how many kids over the past 12 years are SURVIVORS!  The top section of the tree is getting smaller and the survivor section continues to grow!  I grabbed a couple images of some inspirational ornaments…and I found my own from 2001 (the Florida one).  It is always exciting to see what the kids create!

Thanks for stopping by my dairy…more from Wisconsin to come!

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