ADP Diamond Girls

In August, I started a little ole Facebook group called ADP Diamond girls. Little did I know that within 6 months it would grow to be the amazing network of women that it is today. Today we are quickly approaching 3,000 members!

I started the ADP Diamond Girls FB Group because I wanted to create a place where women can come to shout their successes, share their challenges, and get a good laugh or two. I wanted to create a space where friends and clients could converge and I could share silly stories, let you in on fun events, and invite you to be the first on any portrait promotions. I want to help women feel empowered, beautiful in their own skin, and surrounded by other women who raise each other up! Find your tribe of positivity ! Now in days, it is so easy to be judged and pressured to meet lofty expectations. That is why ADP Diamond Girls Facebook Group is such a special place. Women are truly rooting for each other and looking to help and support each other in any ways they can. It’s like the ADP Diamond Girls is open arms and anyone who finds their way to it will be welcomed with a warm hug.

It has been so inspiring to witness the growth of this group. It is so uplifting to see women who don’t even know each other come together and support one another.

“So I just have to say, this page is inspiring. It is so nice to see women bringing other women up and not down!”

— Brittany, ADP Diamond Girl Member

Feel free to invite any fun, fearless, female friends!

ADP Diamond Girls

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