One shoe on, one shoe off….

That's what kind of morning it was for little Mr. Trimble.  He did not want both shoes on...or both shoes off! ha!  So one on and one off is a great compromise, right? (Yes- it was a great compromise considering our first several images also included the toothbrush and toothpaste that he was determined to hold onto all morning.  And you know my philosophy- just let them be kids..shoe on or off, with or without toothbrush!  OK, well,...

The Beautiful D. Children!

So it is safe to say that I am not a morning person....but the same cannot be said of the "D." children! ha!  Good thing I can fake it because these cuties had me on the go, go go (ok, it is safe to say Parker had me on the go, go, go! ha!)  I cannot image why Parker (who is 4) would not have the desire to sit calmly and play with his sister, Mia (who is 8 months).  Can you?  These two could not be any sweeter and I am so glad I had...

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