Tampa Photographer’s Fun Fact Friday

Since the 4th on July is on Friday this week, I decided to do our normal “Fun Fact Friday” on this fine Thursday instead! And this week, it’s all about me.. Kristin!

One thing I love to do..wait for it…is karaoke. I hardly ever get embarrassed so it is my time to act super silly and sing some classics (although, I am an okay singer..but let’s leave that for another FFF..maybe I’ll even add a video). Some of my go-to favorites? Journey- Don’t Stop Believing (yes, I know it’s overdone but those high notes…” in the nighhhhttttt!”), Madonna- Like a Virgin, Radiohead- Creep, Gnarls Barkley- Crazy, and Eddie Money- Take Me Home Tonight (who doesn’t love this song?).

I will pretty much sing anything- I’ll even rap with the best of them. Ever feel like having a karaoke challenge/battle, you know where to find me! Some of my fav bars? Macdintons (Thursday night dollar beers and karaoke), Double Decker in Ybor, and Octave in St. Pete. Check them out! OR come and see me rock it out!



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