Westshore Yacht Club Wedding Photography for Kyle and Megan

Tampa waterfront weddings are so incredibly beautiful- especially in December (yeah…us Floridians are pretty lucky!), and especially at the Westshore Yacht Club.  Megan and Kyle are the perfect yin and yan….two halves that together complete wholeness.  She is elegant, reserved, kind, and smart.  He is outgoing, silly, caring, and “the best damn salesman on the planet”.  Together they are such a complimentary pair.  The bride and groom chose to do a “First Look”, in part to calm their nerves and in part to allow them more time to relax and enjoy their guests.  Not only did they have a gorgeous waterfront view to say their vows in front of but they were blessed with a stunning Tampa sunset- and a waterfront reception that captured the Bay’s breezes.  It was pretty much the perfect wedding day- and we are so very happy for them! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0001 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0002 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0003 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0004 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0005 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0006 Megan looked stunning in her wedding gown from The White Closet.  It fit her like a glove!  (She looks this amazing AND she is in PA school..gorgeous and SMART!) tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0007 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0008 Kyle and the guys were quite stylish in their deep blue tuxedos.  (Kyle knows a thing or two about fashion…being that he was once a toilet paper model!  :))  tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0009 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0010 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0011 I absolutely LOVE when brides have their bridesmaid in unique bridesmaids dresses that allow each girl to flatter her own body type and skin tones.  It creates such a beautiful dynamic.  tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0012 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0013 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0014 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0015 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0016 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0017 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0018 The “First Look”…Megan teased Kyle a bit by not letting him look immediately- he was DYING! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0019 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0020 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0021 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0022 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0023 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0024 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0025 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0026 The wedding ceremony was waterfront, right on Tampa Bay by the boats (perfect for these two who love the water- and fishing!) tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0027 Even though the couple did a First Look, Kyle was still tearful when he saw his bride come down the aisle.  tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0028 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0029 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0030 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0031 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0032 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0033 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0034 Oh that Tampa sunset…it will never get old….especially on wedding day! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0035 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0036 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0037 The first dance for the bride and groom…with the most colorful sky as their backdrop! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0038 The groom and his mom shared some laughs. tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0039 Megan’s dad surprised her with an emotional slideshow of images from her childhood during the father-daughter dance. tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0040 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0041 How about a dessert TABLE that included multiple cakes AND donuts?  YES please! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0042 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0043 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0044 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0045 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0046 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0047 Can you spot the bride and groom?  This dance floor was packed! tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0048 tampa-wedding-photographers-at-westshore-yacht-club_0049 Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors who helped in making Kyle and Megan’s wedding so special and beautiful:

Tampa Wedding Venue: Westshore Yacht Club ; Tampa Florist: Flowers Unlimited Inc; Tampa Hair and Makeup: Femme Akoi; Tampa Cake and Desserts: Wright’s Deli & Mini Doughnut Factory; Tampa Wedding Dress: The White Closet; Tampa Wedding DJ: Grant Hemond and Associates; Tampa Photo Booth: FotoBox; Tampa Wedding Photographer: Andi Diamond Photography 

To pre-register to view Kyle and Megan’s wedding gallery click HERE. Username: MeganKyle Password: 50662(Groomslastname)

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