Friendor Friday with Natalie of Burkle Events

We are so excited to have Natalie, wedding planning genius of Burkle Events, take over the ADP blog to talk about her business and our course..herself! We have been honored to work with Burkle Events on numerous weddings and events and we have to say, she’s AMAZING! Check it out!


Tell us a bit about yourself and your company:

Well I love anything pink……my hubby knows the way to make me smilem(well there is also some guidance from sisters)…..Kate Spade handbags! Love red velvet cake…..Love antique/thrift store shopping…..I’m a momma to 4 fur babies – Memphis, Bandit, Bert and Ernie. Oldest Sister to Jen and Denise, and Aunt to 2 little rascals – Preston and Hudson aka. rentable ring bearers! 😉 Burkle Events brings the family feel to every event – our mother owned her own flower shop in Indiana most of our childhood and toted us around to her events/weddings and we know this helped us make the decision to create Burkle Events.


What made you want to be a wedding planner?

Struggles in my own wedding as well as Jennifer’s wedding with vendors and who doesn’t like to throw an amazing party!!!


Why should couples hire a wedding planner?

We enjoy being able to allow our couples and family members to enjoy their celebration and not having to worry about anything that day. We love being able to bring out the couple’s personality and style that is truly who they are on wedding day. We are there to help guidance and put out any hiccups that occur.


Cost can be something that holds back couples from working with a wedding planner. What would you tell brides and grooms about the cost?

It’s the peace of mind for everyone on wedding day. Our couples are so over the moon that they hired us knowing they didn’t have worry about anything and really just to show up for their wedding day. 😉


What is your favorite part about your job?

Knowing we are helping families celebrate an amazing occasion.


What’s your typical work week like?

Many Emails, texts, and calls.  Oh my with a side of red velvet cake tasting-Yay!, dress fittings, stationary meetings, new couple meetings, floral appointments – no week is ever the same!


What is the biggest lesson you have learned? What advice would you pass along to new wedding planners just getting started?

Lesson – that it is ok to say no because you can. Advice- have good time management and be very organized.


Most challenging aspect about what you do?

Being able to change a hiccup into a positive for the couple or the vendor involved.


Biggest misconception about wedding planners?

We have been asked if our jobs are similar to the movie – The Wedding Planner – and of course it’s not 😉 We wouldn’t mind being rescued by Matthew McConaughey and dance in the rain….but the Burkle Sisters are not afraid to get dirty or sweaty if needed for setup and strike.


Any new trends emerging in the industry? A trend you wish brides would leave behind?

We are seeing more metallics and patterns emerging. Even larger tier cakes.


Favorite color combination?

We love color, glitter and metallic!


Tips for couples who have just started the wedding process?

Always remember this is your day and to able to enjoy the entire planning process….wedding day goes very fast.


What are your hobbies or non-work related activities? Tell us who YOU are!

We love having our weekly family dinners, coloring with my 89 year old grandmother, antiquing with my mother, girl”s days with my sisters, laughing with my nephews and date sushi nights with my husband, David.


Check out some weddings and events we have done with Burkle Events!

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