Friendor Friday with Kristin and Kaylea of Confetti Events

We are so thrilled to have Kristin and Kaylea, owners and wedding planner gurus of Confetti Events, take over the ADP blog for our weekly “friendor friday” spotlight! These talented gals and their team of more beautiful ladies are some of Tampa’s finest wedding planners; get to know them and their company!

Tell us a bit about you two and your company:

Confetti Events is a wedding and event planning company based in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. We coordinate weddings, social, and corporate events. We are love enthusiasts, micro organizers and detail fanatics. Confetti Events is also the in-house coordinating team at the Hilton Clearwater Beach. We both started out as interns for Confetti Events in 2009 while in college. Kaylea was attending the University of Florida for Event Management and Kristin was at the University of South Florida majoring in Mass Communications/Public Relations. We bought Confetti Events from the founder in May 2014 and have hand selected the coordinators that make up our talented team today.

What made you both want to be wedding planners?

KB: I had the opportunity to be on the planning team for my capstone course in college and plan a large event for our end of the year presentations/gala, as well as some event planning opportunities through my internship with Shriners Hospitals for Children. I knew then that it was something I wanted to continue doing. The gratification of the big picture coming together after months and months of planning is addicting!

KF: I am a planner by nature. I love everything about the process of putting something together – from conception to reality. It is so awesome to see a vision come through.



There are lots of girls at Confetti Events! Are they all planners?

We have six coordinators that plan events with different packages and pricing tiers so that we can assist almost any style, budget and personality! You may also notice that we come with a team of girls on the day-of an event. We have interns that help us with all that goes on at an event, so that we can make sure all aspects of the event are taken care of. We haven’t figured out the cloning process yet, so we are so thankful for our team of interns that help us make sure we get everything done, while ensuring the bride and groom are well taken care of!



Why should couples hire a wedding planner?

We strongly urge everyone to at least hire a “month-of” coordinator. There are so many little details that you may not think of and the last thing you (or your family/bridal party members) want to do on your wedding day is answer phone calls from vendors with questions, or have to worry about setting up décor. It really makes a difference when you have someone to ensure all of your details are taken care of, and to implement your wedding day vision. Wedding planners are there for everything from making sure you and your bridal party members get on the limo to the ceremony on time, to bustling your dress and making sure you eat, to packing up your gifts and décor at the end of the night so you can truly focus on celebrating with all of your loved ones.



Cost can be something that holds back couples from working with a wedding planner. What would you tell brides and grooms about the cost?

It’s worth it! We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard past clients say that we were the best money they spent and that it saved them so much stress and time. There are many times when having a wedding planner can even save you money too.



What is your favorite part about your job?

KB: Getting to work with different clients who have different styles. It’s refreshing to see new ideas and get creative with fun new trends. It’s never stagnant and always exciting!

KF: Seeing the look on my clients’ face when they see their vision come to fruition. It is awesome to see them enjoy one of the biggest days in their lives.



What’s a typical work week like?

KB: Every day is different-it’s usually a ton of emails, scheduling appointments, new client consultations, and meeting with vendors. We have lots and lots of checklists, calendars and reminders to keep us on track with everything. Wedding day weeks are spent finalizing all details in the timeline packet, printing and sending out final timelines, running rehearsal and being available to the client around the clock for any last minute needs!

KF: What Kristin said ? Lots of organizing. And sometimes we are therapists in talking with all of our clients and their families and their bridal parties – it is new and different every day!



What is the biggest lesson you have learned? What advice would you pass along to new wedding planners just getting started?

Follow your instincts and make sure you really connect with your client before working together. Often times a bride will book their coordinator a year out, and we want to make sure that they are happy and click well with whoever they are working with for the next 12 months. We are lucky to have 6 different personalities on our team, so we can refer someone to a client that we know will be a great fit. Advice to new planners is to be patient-it’s a tough industry to start out in, and you really have to prove your worth to both clients and vendors to start gaining more referrals. It isn’t a fast process, but so worth it! It’s also not glamorous like many people may think. We are always running around for 12-17 hours on average for an event day. We could be doing anything from holding umbrellas in the rain for guests, to gathering beach sand in the middle of July for a sand dollar escort card display, to sewing a groomsman’s pants back together! It’s a lot of physical work that some people don’t anticipate when they think wedding planner.



Most challenging aspect about what you do?

KB: Not having enough hours in the day!

KF: That and also wedding weeks – finalizing all of the details and making sure our clients don’t have to worry about a thing!



Biggest misconception about wedding planners?

That wedding coordinators and venue coordinators are the same. We LOVE partnering and working with venue coordinators, but their main focus is on the venue, and ours is on the client. While your wedding planner is making sure you make it to the ceremony on time, and that your band and photographer are ready for the bouquet toss, your venue coordinator is making sure dinner is plated on time, and that the venue provided tables and chairs are set according to diagram. Your wedding planner is with you the entire day, until we pack up all your gifts and décor for you.



Any new trends emerging in the industry?

The use of drones has been more prevalent and it adds a completely different and cool aerial aspect to your wedding video. I’m also seeing less and less tradition at weddings. Brides and Grooms are opting out of the bouquet and garter toss, or the cake cutting. It’s more about the celebration.



A trend you wish brides would leave behind?

Pinterest – we love working with clients who have a unique flair.



Favorite color combination?

KB: I could never pick- Last year I was really into jewel tones, and right now I’m digging rose golds, brassy colors and metallics.

KF: I love golds and blushes!



Tips for couples who have just started the wedding process?

Take your time and focus on one thing at a time. The planning process can be so overwhelming and it’s easy to get lost in the details. Also, figuring out a budget before anything else is really important. Make sure you look at current average wedding costs in your area and talk to your planner about whether that budget is realistic with what you are going for.



Dreams/goals for the future?

Lots of travel!



What are your hobbies or non-work related activities? Tell us who YOU are!

KB: I enjoy riding my bike, being in/on the water, and being outside in general. I love traveling to new places and experiencing the local culture, finding tasty vegan fare, and fun bars.

KF: I love to go to the beach and relax, travel and hang out with my friends and family in my spare time! I had the opportunity to be on the planning team for my capstone course in college and plan a large event for our end of the year presentations/gala, as well as some event planning opportunities through my internship with Shriners Hospitals for Children. I knew then that it was something I wanted to continue doing. The gratification of the big picture coming together after months and months of planning is addicting!



We have had the pleasure of working with Confetti Events at Lyndsay and Dale’s waterfront wedding, it was beautiful! Check it out!

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