Get to Know Andi Diamond Photography: Engagement Sessions

This Friday we wanted to talk about ADP engagement sessions! Planning a wedding can be a very daunting task and coordinating all of the details from the venue, flowers, catering, decoration, DJ’s, photographers, etc., can make that task even more stressful. Most people have never needed the services of professionals before and the search can seem difficult figuring out whom to hire for the job. When deciding all of these factors it is important not to forget possibly the most essential professional a couple will need to hire; the one who will be creating and capturing all of the unforgettable memories that will made throughout that special day: the photographer.


It is safe to say that a couple on their wedding day will spend more time interacting with their photographer than many other people attending their wedding. This being said, a couple should choose a photographer that they feel comfortable with and have no trouble developing a professional and personal relationship with as well. Usually a couple will have a consultation with the photographer of their choice before the big day. But, what all can an hour- long conversation really do to help get to know each other and create a connection? Not much. But never fear because there is a solution to this dilemma: and engagement session.You might be asking, “What exactly is an engagement session?” Well, it is a planned photo shoot with the future bride (you!) and groom that can help you loosen up and become a little more prepared for the paparazzi that will be surrounding you on the big day. Let’s not forget, most couples are not going to be experienced models and/or have previous practice working with a professional photographer, and we aren’t expecting that, so an engagement session can really become a good rehearsal for you two to participate in, practice posing together, and get to see what working with the photographer will be like.


Another perk of having an engagement session, besides getting the opportunity to have more photos of you and your soon-to-be hubby, is expressing your personality as a couple. Sending out “save the date” cards? Well, I am sure you probably have some nice photos of the two of you together but there is much more to an engagement session than creating a nice photo; it is about showing your true colors and letting others see the love you have for each other. Choosing a location with significant meaning like your first date spot, favorite hang-out, proposal site, is always a good place to start. Once that is selected, fun and distinctive details can be added into the shoot to make it unique. Some suggestions could be: incorporating pets, using props, a fun wardrobe selections, or an interesting theme. Once the engagement session is planned and executed, you should have a good start to a comfortable and relaxed rapport with your photographer. This will help ease some of the anxiety and jitters that come leading up to the big day.


Davis Island Engagement Session Jihee and Chris

South Tampa Engagement session for Jenna and Sean

Westshore Yacht Club Engagement Session for Tatiana and Ty

Renaissance International Plaza Engagement Session for Nada and Mina

Sarasota Engagement Session at Selby Gardens

St. Petersburg Engagement Session at Straub Park for Ashley and Michael

North Tampa Engagement Session for Kristy and Rhys

Downtown Tampa Engagement Session for Alicia and Tony

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