Lovely Leah….Urban Maternity!

I LOVE maternity sessions (have I mentioned that before??!!)  And I love when clients let me take the reins and run with my creative (and sometimes off the wall!) ideas (especially when we go on location).  Leah holds a special place in my heart because she is a Child Life Specialist, which is what I was for 10 years before starting my photography business.  In case you don’t know what a Child Life Specilaist is (don’t worry- most people don’t..), we are the ones who help hospitalized children with the psychosocial aspects of hospitalization- through play and developmentally appropriate teachings.  It is an extremely rewarding career and takes a special kind of person.  My hat’s off to Leah!  Anyway (sorry…I got off on a tangent..shocking I know!).  We had a blast- and Leah let me “play” with some new ideas that I wanted to try.  I love this image- so super sexy! We were not too sure what this graffiti said, but we would like to think it said “LOVE”.  ha! Don’t mind me laying on the ground- I have a plan!  And this was it!  I know Leah was laughing at me, but I have been determined to master “sun flare” in some of my images.  It actually takes alot of practice to get it right.  I find myself walking around looking for light and light patterns all the time (I know- I need to get a life!).  I saw this when I was going for a walk today and knew I had to bring Leah back to this spot.  The light rocked!  Love that sun,  (I promise this was not something I did in post processing)…. And last but not least (actually, this is one of my favorites!).  I have an obsession with cool chairs.  So when I saw this ricketedy old thing in an alley, I had to use it!  Never mind the splinters in Leah’s backside! CONGRATS Leah (and Ricky)!  Cannot wait to meet Jocelyn!  Thanks for letting me capture this special time for you!

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One thought on “Lovely Leah….Urban Maternity!

  1. Andi,
    I had such a blast being your “model.” It certainly wasn’t a role I am familiar playing but you made it very easy and fun. I love the images that you captured. My husband and I are very impressed. You made me look better than I could have imagined. I can’t wait to be in front of your lens again!

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