Dancing With the Stars!

It’s Back!  I LOVE Dancing With the Stars!  I am addicted so of course I was glued to the TV last night.  Here is my re-cap:

First of all, I am thrilled that Melissa, from the Bachelor, is the surprise star!  I am still crying over what happened last week on the Bachelor so this will make me happy!  (Yes, I need to get a life! ha!)  And considering she had 2 days to learn her dance…she rocked! My next fave has to be Shawn Johnson.  I was a competitive gymnast my whole life.  I coached all through college and have been judging since I was 16.  So naturally Shawn has a special place with me.  I thought she did great!  I can definitely see the “gymnast” in her, but gymnasts know how to work hard so I know she will be a front runner and continue to get better every week! Now for my favorite dancers:  Maks….the “bad boy” of the dance floor….so glad he is back on the show!  Oh, how I missed him last season.  Cannot say too much for Denise, but hopefully he will stay around for a while. Julianne.  She is amazing.  Pete loves her, too (and I am ok with that! ha!)  What a doll.  She is beautiful, sweet, and an incredible dancer.  It is super cute that she is dancing with her boyfriend.  I have a feeling they will be around for a long time! So these are my early faves.  We will see what happens!  What do you think?  Who do you like??!!

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