St. Petersburg Wedding Photography for Megan and Rick

We had such a fabulous day at Megan and Rick’s St. Petersburg wedding on Saturday. One great thing about the month of November is the amazing Florida weather we get; we lucked out and had a sunny, breezy day that was perfect for wedding portraits. Their ceremony at St. Raphael Catholic Church was less formal than most. Although it was at a Catholic Church, Megan had her longtime priest come and officiate their nuptials. He was so funny and charismatic; his words and stories had everyone laughing and were so personal! Rick and Megan happen to be a die hard Florida State fans (everyone knows ADP bleeds orange and blue) but their garnet and gold wedding decor was lovely and also served as a great representation of their passion and pride for their team. Megan and Rick also enjoy spending a lot of time at home with their fur babies, so Ace and Cabella joined us for some portraits. (Because it just wouldn’t be family portraits without the kiddos!)  We overheard Rick say multiple times, “I can’t believe this is happening!” to Megan, which was so sweet and shows his devoted love for her. They really have and undeniable chemistry together and were so excited to officially become husband and wife. We feel so honored that we were able to capture their wedding day and will forever remember it! Congrats Megan and Rick! XO! st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0001 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0002 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0003 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0004 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0005 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0006 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0007 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0008 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0009 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0010 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0011 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0012 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0013 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0014 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0015 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0016 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0017 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0018 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0019 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0020 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0021 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0022 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0023 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0024 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0025 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0026 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0027 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0028 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0029 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0030 st-petersburg-wedding-photographers_0031


Ceremony Venue: St. Raphael Catholic Church; Reception Venue: St. Petersburg Country Club; Wedding Coordinator: Boo Naventu; Hair: Salon Volo; Makeup: Lasting Luxe; Florist: Publix; Videography: Ever and Ever Films; Dress: The Dressing Room; Coffee: The Coffee Divas; Rentals: Rent all City; DJ: DJ Tamik; St. Petersburg wedding photography: Andi Diamond Photography

To pre-register to view Megan and Rick’s wedding gallery click HERE. Information provided on reception card.

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66 thoughts on “St. Petersburg Wedding Photography for Megan and Rick

  1. Tremendous pictures here Andi, the venues were awesome and provided an excellent backdrop/setting.

  2. These are absolutely beautiful pictures! Congratulations to the newlyweds, and fantastic job to the photographer!

  3. Meghan is beautiful. The photos are awesome. Thank you Mike and Pat for sharing the link with me. Congratulations.

  4. These pictures are just beautiful!!! You did a wonderful job capturing Rick and Megan’s perfect day!

  5. These pictures are so beautiful. Megan you made such a gorgeous bride. Love love love these pictures.

  6. Beautiful photos, especially the one with the dogs! You make such a gorgeous bride Megan!! Glad your wedding day was so perfect. 🙂

  7. Beautiful bride and groom and captured so well by the photographer. Loved seeing them and I especially loved including the fur babies. Congratulations to the bride and groom and kudos to the photographer.

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