Friendor Friday with Michele Renee of Michele Renee the Studio

This week’s “Friendor Friday” is all about one of our favorite wedding ladies- Michele Renee from Michele Renee the Studio! If you want fabulous bridal hair and make-up, MRTS is a GREAT place to check out!


How long have you been doing hair and make-up, and how did you get started?

If you listen to my Mother, I have been doing hair and makeup since I was BORN! My Mother and older Brother both had long hair (it was the 70’s – late 70’s! lol!) And I only stopped crying when either my Mom or Older pick me up!


What sets you apart from other hair/makeup artists?

The whole team here at Michele Renee The Studio is trained to be “Smart” artists. We know that hair and makeup is the first event of your big day and want to make sure you are ready on time or early!


Where is MRTS located? Any offices outside of Tampa?

We have an office in Tampa and also we have an office opening up in Orlando by June. We service Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, and Sarasota. We love making Florida Brides beautiful.


Do you offer a trial run or consultation for brides?

Yes! We definitely offer trial runs! They are so important. Sometimes Brides have a look in their head and they try it and they hate it or their fiancée hates it! Also, it is good to experiment with your look based on the shape of your face. Sometimes what you see on a model in a magazine and it will not be a right fit for you. Or a brunette comes in with pictures of blondes and the hairstyle looks different on their dark hair. So, having a trial is highly beneficial!


What kind of makeup do you use? Is airbrush an option?

If you look in by kit you will see mostly MAC but I also love Makeup Forever eyeshadows, they are highly pigmented. I also like a few drugstore brands- LOVE LOVE Maybelline waterproof mascara. Can’t live without that in my kit for Brides.


Can you cover tattoos, tan lines, rosacea, acne, birthmarks, etc?

As artist we can cover almost anything. We are most likely to cover a tattoo on a wedding day. In fact I was on Inside Edition covering a tattoo. Although, we love covering tattoos, my personal opinion is that tattoos are art and I feel tattoos only enhance the bride’s look.


What three makeup items should no woman leave home without?

Sunscreen, Chapstick, and mascara. – Keep it simple!


Favorite beauty product?



Any favorite hair/make-up trends?

I think my favorite trend right now is False Eyelashes. I remember that day long ago when JLo wore mink lashes and everyone starting using them. In fact I almost think that lashes are here to stay! (I know I am personally addicted to them.)


A trend you wish brides would leave behind?

CONTOUR!!!!!!! Let your skin breath!!! And I am so tired of seeing tiger strips on people’s cheeks! LOL!!! You are a person NOT A TIGER!!! Growl! #notgrowl


The secret to beautiful, strong, shiny hair?

Coconut oil! Coconut oil is natural and is one of the few oils that reach the cortex of your hair. Plus it is super cheap and smells good!


Any skin/hair care no-no’s? Tell us some things we should never do!

I am actually guilty of this no no. BUT NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON!!!! (Tip, if you are guilty of sleeping with your makeup on at least make sure you sleep on a clean pillow case!) As far as a hair “yes yes”  – if you want to get engaged, cut your hair it is a sure fire way to get your boyfriend to propose.


If you weren’t in your current career, what else could you see yourself doing?
If I wasn’t a cosmetologist I would be working with a non profit group.


What do you like to do outside of work for fun?
Fortunately, my work is fun and I work usually 7 days a week- so I am constantly having fun!! But when I do want to get away from the smell of hair spray I help run a charity group called “I DO” Good – we are a group of wedding professionals who give away a free wedding once a year, help Metropolitan Ministries and raise bore wells in India. It feels good to not only help people feel pretty from the outside but also help people feel pretty on the inside too!


Favorite part about your job?
 I like making people happy. 😉


Michele Renee and her team have made MANY of our brides happy and look oh-so-glamorous on their big days, check out a few of our lovely ADP ladies!

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