Fabulous at 50 Photo Shoot

Frances had a plan.  When she turned 50 she wanted to celebrate- with custom portraits that made her look and feel fabulous, and Andi Diamond Photography was more than happy to oblige!  After her initial consult, we decided that a visit with Lisa Ford at Invent Your Image would help her to create the signature style that she was looking for with wardrobe and the stylists at Level Salon in Hyde Park could create make-up and hair to accent this signature style.  Here are a few of our faves.  (This is actually going to be Frances’ custom framed wall piece): fabulous at 50 portraits Frances wanted to show off her fun, flirty side so we went with some color pop. fabulous at 50 custom photography One of the most fun aspects of Frances’ portrait session was that she brought along a couple girlfriends as “cheerleaders”.  I know they helped her to feel fabulous- and it showed! fabulous at 50 custom portraits Frances, I am so glad I got to create these for you.  What a great way to celebrate your birthday milestone!  Enjoy your custom portraits for many years to come.  xo Andi

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8 thoughts on “Fabulous at 50 Photo Shoot

  1. Andi, Thank you so much for your great work!! You were absolutely the best to work with and I am sending all of my friends to you. I will always cherish this time in my life and thanks for making me look so good.

  2. Andi: You were the best to work with. I appreciate your beautiful layouts and I am sending all of my friends to you. Thanks for capturing this time in my life.

  3. What a fantastic way to turn 50….you look fabulous girl!!
    What a beautiful friend!!!! WOW!!!

  4. Wow! Just…Wow! Frances, you look fabulous. Andi, You have quite an eye for beauty. Congratuations to you both for how the portraits capture Frances’ beauty and vibrancy!

    Ivy Mallisham

  5. You go, girl! You always look good but you definitely are looking fabulous in these photos. You’ve got a glow that can’t be denied.

  6. Frances!!!

    I LOVE the one with you sitting in the red chair laughing!!!
    that is just fabulous!!
    All of the photos look….great, but i love the one sitting in the chair,,,,it is so relaxed and so gorgeous!!

    you go girl~

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