First-Look Photo Sessions to Capture at Your Tampa Wedding

Surprise!... That’s exactly what you will experience if you take part in a first-look photo session on your wedding day. And, while you may think that a first-look photo session can only happen with you and your partner, think again!   Are you aware of the many festive first-looks that you can capture on your own big day?   I cherish the opportunity to photograph the emotional moments that take place on a wedding day! That’s why,...

The Benefits of Having a “First Look” on Your Wedding Day

This is one of the most talked about questions when dealing with our amazing wedding couples. We have a deep love for "first looks" here at ADP, mainly because they are awesome, but let us explain. While we do have some traditional couples who prefer to see each other at the ceremony (which is absolutely fine!), a majority of couples say "Yes!" to the big reveal and it can be a great, fun, and intimate encounter. And that saying "It's bad look...

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