Corporate photography for Dr. Rich at USF Med School

I have had the pleasure of photographing Dr. Rich Castellano several times now and it is always so inspiring! Dr. Rich, of ImageLift, is truly passionate about changing the culture of patient care and improving patient outcomes through positive interactions on behalf of the medical staff…and by simply smiling! Seems simple enough, right? But all too often we forget how our facial expressions and mannerisms can truly change the feelings of those we interact with. Last week Dr. Rich spoke with USF’s first year medical students about how they can truly change the lives of their patients, not just through medicine but through positive and warm, welcoming interactions. What I always find inspiring is that Dr. Rich truly lives and practices what he preaches- and I know his patients see it and feel it. How can you make a difference in the lives of those you serve today through your smile?
tampa corporate photographers_0001.jpg
tampa corporate photographers_0002.jpg
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