Ooohhhh Olivia!

Oh, to be a kid again!  The adorable faces, the sweet smiles, the silly grins...the fabulous clothes (compliments of D's Darling Designs!)  I think little Miss Olivia had an "inner ham" that she was just waiting to unleash!  I love the honesty, charm, and spirit that you can see in Olivia in these images!  Here are just a few of my faves!Too yummy for words!  Thanks for allowing me to capture these Olivia and Keirsten!  :)

Me and Math…not a good combo!

OK, so math was never my strong suit.  I avoided any math, statistics, or accounting classes in high school or college (I was also never a big history fan...but I digress..)  I went to a PPA's Studio Services Management seminar in Atlanta this weekend.  You are probably wondering what PPA stands for…so let me back up.  PPA stands for Professional Photographers Association, and it's the “governing” body of portrait...

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