Circle of Friends Winter Trip (Studio will be closed…)

Pete and I are leaving tomorrow for chilly Wausau, WI!  Since 2001 we have had the honor of chaperoning the winter trip with the Wunsch Family Foundation.  Our friend Jerry Wunsch started the foundation when he played in the NFL for the Bucs to help provide memorable experiences for children with cancer.  I can honestly say that I do not know who gets more out of the trip- Pete and I or the kids!  It is an amazing experience that...

Chloe the Cutie Pie!

There was something about Chloe that I simply adored!  I think she reminded me a little bit of Ethan.  A bit shy in new situations, sweet, calm and quite (though I am sure an innner wild child lies inside! ha!), and really likes to get to know new people before she opens up.  She had such a pure, sweetness about her.

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